The smartest time and (failure) cost-saving tool for laser-oriented design in the modern manufacturing industry

Increase accuracy, decrease leadtimes and reduce costs
Laser-oriented design - already taking into account the use of smart connections between both laser-cut plate and laser-cut tube in the design process - is increasingly deployed in the manufacturing industry. This is the way to decrease lead times and it leads to structural cost reduction, especially in a situation where production numbers - of steel frames, for example - are too small to use expensive welding jigs and welding robots. However, this (time) gain quickly disappears due to the time an engineer needs to manually model these smart connections in the 3D model time and time again. The solution? Smart-Connection!

Watch the short video below and everything will instantly fall into place
What You See Is What You Get, What You Need Is Smart-Connection.

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Fewer errors, simplify and improve your engineering processes

With Smart-Connection an engineer can easily create the desired uniform still-hole joints in the 3D CAD model with just a few mouse clicks. The result is a correct 3D model with the correct positioning of still-hole joints, ready for production! This user-friendly tool helps engineers with their (re)design work as it improves the dimensional accuracy and significantly reduces the failure costs.


Fewer dimensioning for engineers and less sign-off in the workshop result in shorter lead times and it minimises failure costs.


Smart automation according to the KISS principle (Keep It Smart and Simple) guarantees unifom and validated solutions.